Day 4

Woooooo last night I read a ton. I’m reading The Pursuit of Happyness, and it’s a fairly enjoyable read.  At ~ halfway through, I don’t think it’s going to be life-altering, but it’s still worthwhile to finish (as I think most books are).  As a consequence, however, I was up late, and therefore was up late this morning too.  I wandered around the shops, picking up a few little things for friends.  Got an amazing chocolate milkshake from a place I think called JJ’s, that we just know as “the internet cafe on the boardwalk” — since before we had laptops to snag up some wireless, we had to find other means of checking e-mails while on vacation here.  Then I had an amazing slice of DeLosa’s pizza…… best in the world, in my opinion.  Then of course, the walk on the beach!  We’ll be going for sushi in a few minutes so I’ll just get right on to the daily list:

  • several sandcastles in varying states of disrepair, some still in their construction phase
  • 1 sand snowman with a coral necklace and an orange stick-like sponge for a nose!
  • 1 bright green plastic toy in the shape of a seahorse
  • 1 condom — actually a rarity on the beaches here
  • several (mini) quarries — 1 with an overlooking pair of sand hotels made using the traditional “drip method” 😆
  • 1 hot beautiful sun!

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