Day 3

Today, we began the day slowly.  Well, that is to say, we left to go golfing pretty late (for us), around 11/11:30 a.m. or so.  We did a round of 9 holes, then went home for lunch. The afternoon was spent lazing by the pool, where I read, then listened to music.  I don’t normally do the tanning thing, but it was nice to just take a break from always being on the go with my mom (she’s a planner — for example, tonight she asked me if I wanted to play tennis tomorrow — I normally just fly by the seat of my pants haha).  Later, I walked the beach to the pier and back (a short distance, but ample time to acquire some things for “On the Beach”!).  For dinner, crabs’ legs!!  Oh!  I must make note — today was the first day — possibly EVER — where I cut myself while cracking crabs’ legs!!!!  I know mentally I was out of it, but this was definitely a historic day.  (If you’re wondering, I’m pretty much a pro-crab-cracker.  If anyone’s going to get out that perfect strip of crabmeat, it’s me.  Seriously, there should be a contest for it.  😉  haha)  After dinner, more shopping, and I got a few more things — of course, really good deals (50% off was the weakest of the sales for the clothes I bought), so that’s always good.  I’m trying to build up a business wardrobe, and so far, it’s working out pretty well.  When we came home, I needed coffee (I feel bad but my mom was really tiring me today; I kept noticing that she hardly ever stops talking.  I also think I’ve figured out why my dad makes comments about buying real estate here — I think they annoy her, because she almost always is dead quiet after them.  haha, it’s funny what you notice after being away from parents for a while!), so I attempted to make a drink I had the other day: espresso (~2 shots), a good dose of chocolate syrup, lots of ice cubes, and milk to fill the glass.  It was pretty good, but I think I still prefer iced vanilla lattes….. just need to find a place to buy vanilla flavouring….. not that I’ve really looked, but I’m sure it probably isn’t too hard to find.  Anyway, it was a big glass, so about 3 hours later I’m still nursing it.  :laugh:  Well, without further ado, today’s list!

  • orange sponges in small ball shapes.  These are real sponges, just so you know.  These ones looked about the size of walnuts.
  • fluorescent green netting
  • 2 small white plastic bags with what appeared to be instructions on them
  • 1 sand castle complete with moat and surrounding umm, castle.  “Outer ward” it appears is the name I’m looking for.  Thanks to for that information!  Also surrounded by leftover building materials (ie. water bottles and cups)
  • 3 surfers (don’t get excited for me; they were young)
  • couple of older men, 1 offering me a shell (which I politely declined)
  • 1 little girl’s shoe (abandoned, or lost at sea?)
  • 1 mom (again, mine)
  • 1 beautiful sun
  • 1 happy me

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