Day 1/2

Well, today we arrived at our destination in Florida.

In keeping with my idea from last year, I’ll be letting you all in on the more notable things I find when walking on the beach.  The purpose of this is clear: to give me a hobby and something to do after dark, as I’m staying with my parents in a relatively quiet area of retiree refuge of Florida (haha).  Also, for those who may not have been to the ocean before, I hope it provides a channel through which you can vicariously live.  Plus, some things are just plain awesomely wacky.  To begin! 

  • 1 black plastic fork
  • 1 ex-crab sans shell
  • 1 large plastic blue thing (I have no idea, though judging by the colour, I would venture to say it was part of a kid’s toy?)
  • 1 pretty shell
  • 1 would-be pretty shell, conch, a bit broken on the wall of it
  • a couple still-alive shell creatures (thrown back in the water of course)
  • several dark brown sponges
  • 1 skinny skimmer bird?
  • 1 sprig of very picturesque purple coral
  • 1 beautiful sun
  • many happy beach-goers 🙂

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