What Will Never, Never Fall

cloudless cover of city raging
seven systems calm confiding
left-hand feel for law-abiding
moral cues to night engaging
barrel roll for soft and tender
visionary might surrendered
but will never, never fall
simple ear has naught enticed
as lined perplexity carved the face
in short, a complicated race
endangers not the solid splice
and when discovered thus, the line
that rearranges one more time
will never, never fall
strips of conifers abound
and shake the wind from sunny ground
at first, it seemed that fortune fell
but truth be told, it never will
and captive, that enlightened task
beyond the graves, plows to cast
this leavened will, this sifted grain
pulls gently like the open lane
that will never, never fall
fields of anger, fear, and pain
carbon-filled and dead alive
the patient listener ought contrive
and press for autumn harvest gain
shucked and husked and stripped of grain
the stalks remain, and sprout again
and will never, never fall
if this is that, then that is all
Copyright L.M. 2008.

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