Time In The S-Bend

covering the corners of the S-bend
you told me you’d be waiting there
and I never cried, no
I never cried
you turned the engine off
and walked to the side of the road
and you never tried, no
you never tried
you took off your shoes and dove right in
in the middle of winter, you dove right in
you couldn’t swim

when you were found
they couldn’t speak
they couldn’t weep
for you

across the land a day before
we combed along beside the shore
and I never cried, no
I never cried
your blinders on, you lost your way
oh it’s so easy to throw it all away
give up on life
to give up on life

when you were found
we couldn’t sleep
we couldn’t speak
for you
when you were found
the wound ran deep
how could you leave
us all to weep
for you?



Copyright L.M. 2008.  (written April 7th, 2008.).


3 thoughts on “Time In The S-Bend

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  2. lauramrmak October 17, 2008 / 8:41 am

    Okay, I just wanted to add a note to this seeing how Joe Grozelle is coming back into the media’s attention. I never knew him; I was a Queen’s student at the time of his death, so I was in the area but that’s all. I was dating an RMC student at the time, and I remember him telling me how they had to (several days after his disappearance) comb through nearby fields for any traces of him….. The story intrigued me though, and I had hoped by now there would have been some sort of explanation that make *any* sort of sense. Right now, everything is still just theories. I think there are people who might know more than they told, though, and I hope they do speak up. I’m sure the family would rest easier that way. And just because not everyone knew him personally doesn’t mean we all wouldn’t appreciate some closure, too.
    This poem was written about him and about the oddities surrounding his death, partly from my voice, and partly from an imagined voice of someone closer to him.
    The event obviously meant something to me, considering I wrote this earlier this year, 5 years later. I still remember the anxiety I had for him while he was still “missing”….. Anyway, I thought I should add some background information so people wouldn’t start thinking I was actually closer to the events than I was; I was just inspired by the story and needed an outlet for the sadness it caused in me.

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