I love my boys :)

So, how’ve you been?

I love the Toronto Blue Jays.  We’re winning tonight (7-3) against the L.A. Angels, bottom of the ninth.  Alright, 7-4.  I’m waiting for B.J. Ryan to wake up and realize he’s pitching.  Usually, he’s acceptably perfect, but tonight he’s a little shaky.  That’s okay, I believe in him.  7-5 and a double play, emptying the bases.  That’s alright by me.

My feet are itchy from mosquito bites I got a few days ago.  Feet and hands are two of the worst places to get mosquito bites, and if you’ve had them there, you know what I mean.  2 outs, Kotchman up, strike 1.  Gosh darn it, I need Benadryl.  Pop fly caught by Rios, happy times, we won 🙂  B.J.’s happy and so am I.  Off I go to get some anti-itch cream.


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