Someone’s gonna get a ‘schooling’….. (haha)

Have you ever had an experience when you’ve realized someone important in your life is being ignorant? I have, and it’s disheartening. How do you let someone know what they are saying is factually incorrect without seeming like a know-it-all? How do you have a meaningful discussion with someone who is somehow deluded? It’s pretty tough and I hate sounding like some big ego-maniac, but when I know someone’s wrong, it frustrates me when others agree with them, somehow believing that power is in numbers — that facts are deemed factual by the number of people willing to believe them. It’s pretty silly, but that’s the way it works for some people. So I sit here, letting off a little steam, with a print-out of my justification — my proof that I am right — sitting beside me. I feel like some sort of pedant, but I think I’m considerably well aware of the progressive use of words in the English language, considering that’s what I study in university — languages, linguistics, semantics, morphology…… and if someone’s going to challenge my knowledge on that, my specialty, and I end up being right….. well, it’s one time when I won’t back down and just let it go. If people accuse me of being wrong, and I’m not, I must clear my name with proof.  🙂
Thanks for letting me vent.

Oh, and if you’re curious, if someone gets tutored professionally at home, by someone *other* than their parents, they are still considered to be “home-schooled.” Thanks, American Heritage Dictionary! (

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