tonight, as every night, the stars were out
the dark stealing them away at times
infinity not comprehending the power
of a little water
as we sat
with legs crossed and lines open
talking about what is, was, and couldn’t be
and I was surprised
I tried to help
no scheme, no shame, no fear
had I gone mad?
a new wave of guilt?
we pressed on and I saw
for the first time
our only opposite trait
and it made sense to me that I found you
and it made sense to me why you could never…..
because we aren’t cut from the same fabric
because fate doesn’t like separation
so now I can know better than before
why not to break my heart
why I can be happy with everything
you forget small things
and this saves me
I think it’s deep — and I tried helping this once
for many years
and it wasn’t enough
for me
and it was too much
for him
this is a need
and why I’m grateful
for your confession
because, though it was noted
went overlooked
(we all know dyed lenses are far more costly)
and so, if you’ll let me
I will continue
but without thoughts of doom
or impending grief
I don’t know when I left the present
but I shall return
and I hope you can join me there



Copyright L.M. 2008.


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