Be Kind, Don’t Rewind

When I say I like foreign films, people often ask me if I watch them with subtitles.  When I answer “yes”, the questioning usually stops there.  It shouldn’t!  That’s not nearly the most interesting part of the issue.  People don’t ask me if I watch English films with subtitles!  ….. to which I would also reply “yes.”  If the conversation even gets this far, the question then becomes “….. in another language?” ….. to which I answer bluntly: “no, in English.”  I think it’s the perfectionist in me rearing its ugly head again, but I really dislike not hearing something in a movie.  I always used to rewind to hear everything as they intended, and of course that stops the flow of the movie.  So, eventually, after watching a few foreign films with subtitles, I left the feature on for an English movie.  Now I never have to rewind!

So no, it’s not some effective learning tool I use to practice my languages, sad to admit.  It’s simply me wanting to know everything!


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