Mariana, Mother, Matriarch

mariana lived in the desert
with her husband paolo
she cooked and cleaned for a living
and every Friday, left home

she tempted every bachelor
and some married men as well
she did drugs she knew by name
and others she couldn’t tell

she sacrificed her children
two boys, both in their teens
both well aware of what she did
both struggled not to be seen

she came back home on Mondays
half-alive and half-dressed
paolo went to work those days
oblivious to her distress

one day, she finally found it
whatever it was she’d lost
but the price of her redemption
had had a far greater cost

her husband, fast asleep, lay still
her children, cold and frail
their skin akin to winter’s chill
their colour, ghastly pale

the time, it passed, as syrup drips
and mariana considered her fate
it’s funny how the life you steal
becomes the one you hate

she washed her hands, her face, her eyes
she washed her arms, her legs, her thighs
she tied her hair, prepared her mind
got up, and left it all behind
“the water here will leave you blind”
she wrote, and left it all behind



Copyright L.M. 2008.

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