on a walk
one way road
listening to
the gusting wind
I cast a glance
to my side
and see a darkness
but I won’t look behind

it steals my breath

who could it be?
who’s shadowing me?

I’m too confident
well, to a certain degree
I don’t think of them and I
and I cert’nly don’t think of me
I could go home right now
to my warm and waiting bed
I’d better walk some more instead

my body aches
but the pain takes me away

no, I’ll walk on
but I still won’t look behind
because I never want to see
exactly what you want me to

how dare you leave me breathless
I just wanted to breathe
these things I fear are meaningless
and they leave me quivering

I turn around to see
your shadow was just me



Copyright L.M. 2008. (written January 31st, 2008.).


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