she doesn’t dare look back
not today
nor ever
she doesn’t want to know
that no one cares
enough to follow
she knows there isn’t much to explain

so she sits and waits
and contemplates

she can’t help but wonder what went wrong
maybe it’s better now
now she’s got a chance
at something else
she still wants to look back
and see the man she loves
ten paces back

she doesn’t want to say that he’s proven her right
because it hurts too much
to dare admit
it was the one thing that
she couldn’t change
no matter how hard she wished

her thoughts hung up on the line
she wonders how to be
and though she knows it’s perverse
she craves obsession
in reverse, this time

she gets to her door and gets out her keys
fighting back tears
she takes a deep breath
and turns, turns around to see
but things aren’t always
what you expect
sometimes you need an extra step



Copyright L.M. 2008.

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