One Old Evening


the salt soaked right through me
as I stood at the edge of black
singing, begging, “ask me back”
I couldn’t breathe

the air hung thicker than your voice
my coughing forced my mind
into a rewind and
I couldn’t breathe

with the old, I knew not how
my footsteps somehow gone
more than e’er withdrawn
ask me if I jumped to sink in the depth of the dive so that I
couldn’t breathe

as the world changed that night
I was left behind
kindred and kind
the air caged up tight
I still couldn’t breathe

a new chance begun
only seconds before
this lack of rapport made
me come undone
I didn’t dare breathe

well I thought of you then
but if I’m not allowed
it’s you who made me proud
enough to breathe again
so I blame you
for this dream turned blue
so tell me: will I ever breathe again?



Copyright L.M. 2008.

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