Day Week! (7)

  Hello hello!  Today has been long, so let me get started.  I might need to sleep soon haha

  We woke up fairly early today, which sucked for me because, as you might have noticed, I wrote a poem when I woke up middle of the night last night (was up 3:30 a.m. or so to 5 a.m.).  So I was tired.  But we’d made arrangements to meet up with the male half of the couple we know to go fishing at the long pier, so I had some eggs (no upset tummy anymore for some strange reason!  Eggs used to upset my stomach, but not lately so I’ve been glad about that…..) and coffee (not decaf — trying to slowly become a bit more caffeine tolerant for the times I want coffee but they don’t serve decaf…..).  Anyway, enough sidetracks.  haha.  So, my dad, our friend, and I went fishing for the morning, and we caught a few between us.  I caught 5 or 6, my dad caught 4, and we’re not sure but we think the friend caught 1 that we saw.  Most, if not all, were butterfish (a.k.a. white tuna?), which are actually quite good to eat.  We didn’t know we’d catch so many, of course, or we would have probably kept them.  I love fishing 🙂 We were near the end of the pier and it was actually quite windy out, so we only could fish from the one side, which was fine by us.  I found a patch where I’d cast and as soon as my line was taut again I’d feel nibbles on the line.  Actually, I just remembered I caught another one, but a bird snagged him as I was reeling him up, so I don’t think he was counted in the numbers hahah….. that’s actually quite a problem there, since there are so many birds in the area and big ones, too.  While we were there, we saw a seagull and a pelican get snagged on a line.  It’s awful to watch, because the fishermen have to pull the birds, struggling, up to detach the hook….. so as they’re being pulled up, they’re in these horrible positions like they’re being hanged, so when they stop struggling to take a breather, man, it’s heart-breaking.  Luckily, both got freed.  It was either last year or the year before, my dad hooked a pelican and he got tangled in the wire as well.  The big guy was hanging for a while, partly standing on one of the posts…… it was horrible….. luckily (and I don’t know that either of us actually believed he would survive), he somehow untangled himself and escaped just a little dazed from the ordeal.  You’d think they’d learn to stay away from the area, but I guess the promise of easy treats is too tempting.  Anyway, we caught fish.  Let’s focus on the positive haha.  The guys at the very end of the pier (labelled the V.I.P. section hahah) were catching some really nice fish….. the guy closest to us caught a few whitings, which he kept.  No one caught a shark this year (both my dad and I caught one each last year, but they were too heavy for our lines and they ended up biting through the lines to free themselves, but not before we could watch them a while at the surface…..).  For those curious, we just used live shrimp as bait.  Sometimes we use squid, too, but today was just shrimpies.

  After fishing, my dad and I went to the big flea market they have every couple weeks….. there are several covered areas for people who are there I think daily, but every other weekend they have the additional rows of tables in the adjacent field, including things like junky antiques, fresh fruit, random drugstore-type items like shampoo etc…… but what I like to go for are the cheap books, CDs, VHS tapes, and DVDs….. I got my mom a book appearing brand new by the Canadian author Michael Ondaatje (“The English Patient”) called “In the Skin of a Lion”….. for a dollar, just as an add-on to her birthday present.  I also picked up two VHS tapes: You’ve Got Mail, and Big, for 50 cents apiece.  I’ve never seen Big and I’ve always wanted to, so I figured I was saving a good few dollars by not having to rent it, and now I can watch it again if I like it! 🙂 Let’s see, oh and I got a CD for a friend but in case he’s reading this, I’m not gonna say what it is    😛

  I had another creep-o-zoid incident today, but more like holy-cow-you’re-too-old-to-be-flirting-with-someone-my-age, not drunken creep-o-zoid.  I was browsing the DVDs this guy was selling, and he’s chatting me up like they do, throwing in compliments and whatnot so I’m more likely to want to buy from him.  Anyway, he just wouldn’t stop, it was ridiculous.  Saying how good of a catch he is, wondering who my “lucky guy” is, wondering why a “pretty girl” was out fishing (duh — to catch fish!  hahahah), since I told him that’s why I’d just arrived when a lot of them were packing up.  Then he proceeded to predict that once I found an older guy who would realize what a catch I am, I’d change my mind and want to date (I told him I didn’t have a boyfriend because they’re “a waste of time”  hahahahahha).  Then he was telling me of a lady at one of the other booths who’s always telling people what a great catch he is: never been married, no debt, good financial situation, nice guy all around.  The kind who holds open doors for women.  Old-fashioned.  HA!  Man, was he laying it on thick.  I was just making funny blunt comments to try and shut him up — not that he was unpleasant but I was trying to dissuade him by talking a bit almost like a hick.  haha.  It helps that my voice is a little lower than usual from my cold that’s still there a bit.  Then he was trying to get me to tell him my name but I ignored it, then he guessed my age at 20 (hey, at least it wasn’t 16!  haha).  Creep.  O.  Zoid.  I didn’t end up buying anything from him because his prices were still higher than everyone else’s, even though he had better selection.  You have to be careful not to buy just because it’s cheaper than in the store, because there is a slight risk that it won’t work….. but with my 50 cent VHS tapes, I’m not too worried  😉

  What else?  Well, after we got home, I went on the beach a little, though it was still really windy.  This is good news to me, because I’m hoping for a surge in shells.  In my half hour or so trying not to shiver in my bikini, I found my first shells worth keeping (in my opinion).  Two melampus shells ( ), and what appears to be some sort of white tooth.

  Even still, I have my daily list for you:

  • Maddy!  He got scared of me, but I told him it was alright, and he calmed down and didn’t fly away haha.
  • the water was really cutting into the sand — it was really cool.  There were these really neat designs creating a sort of undulating ridge that suddenly dropped as it neared the water.  The ridge got up to about a foot in height, and then it just dropped to the sand below as if becoming the ocean’s breakwater.  But the height was wavy, like I said, so it would sometimes drop back to the level of the rest of the sand…… hard to explain I now realize.  haha.  maybe I can draw it?  hmm this should be fun.  nevermind, I just tried.  Not going to work!  haha  😀
  • various fluorescent items.  fluorescent green ball, fluorescent purple tube (okay, don’t know if that’s possible, but it was bright anyway) — possibly a casing from a fireworks rocket.
  • red seaweed
  • a pen
  • palm fronds
  • 1 shy sun

  After I came in, we got ready and went to dinner at Crabby Bill’s.  I had crabs’ legs of course, which were deeeeelish.  The first section was a little drier than the second batch, and so was a little more difficult to extricate, but was still excellent.  For dessert, we shared a slice of key lime pie which was a little more authentic-tasting than last night’s, and it was also very yummy.  Real key lime pie is not actually green, did you know?  This one was, but it had a little bit of bitter tang, which is how the real key lime pie should be made….. and it was nice and rich too.  Perfect.  😀

  After dinner, we did a little shopping and came home.  Now I’m yawning at 10:11 p.m., someone put this in the record books.  I think I’d better go though, since this feels like another novel.  haha.  Take care everyone  🙂


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