Day 1

Today while I was on the beach I saw:

  • 2 small crabs (dead)
  • 2 small horseshoe crabs (dead)
  • 1 sand flea
  • 1 leaf/petal? of purple bougainvillea
  • 2 fake roses planted upright in the sand on the edge of the dunes
  • 1 new kind of skimmer (bird)
  • 2 regular kinds of seagulls (normal, and the ones with the orange beaks and mohawks)
  • Maddy!  (resident heron)
  • flock? group? of pelicans in flight
  • 1 boy attempting to bodysurf (waves <1 foot high)
  • several sunburned beachwalkers
  • several fishermen
  • 1 egret?/ibis? with decent-sized fish in beak  (looked like a sunfish) just hangin out, I guess waiting till he got hungry!
  • several jellyfish, pretty large ones (orange, clear, pink)
  • 1 chunk avocado?!
  • lots of seaweed!
  • 1 gorgeous sun

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