Holidays Begin

  Tomorrow morning (as in this morning) my parents and I will be leaving for Florida.  The van has yet to be packed, but all our stuff is ready and waiting for the crack of dawn (or at least 7:30).  I’ll let you know how the drive down goes….. my dad got a laptop for Christmas, so if we have wireless access I’ll hopefully be able to write a blog here and there.

  We sent my sister off tonight to Calgary to spend the holidays with her boyfriend and his family.  She was nervous in the evening, but she made it onto the plane.  Well, I’m assuming she did, because she didn’t text us to let us know otherwise!  I hope she has a good flight; she’ll be sitting next her her boyfriend’s grandmother, which I’m sure should be interesting…… haha……

  On the drive home from Toronto, I fell asleep so many times.  I’d put on a song to listen to, would wake up halfway through it and have to start it all over again.  I’m getting nervous that I don’t seem to have as much control as to when I fall asleep.  Even when I was really tired, I used to still be able to function normally, but lately I’ve been falling asleep even when I haven’t wanted to.  This is not a good sign.

  So my sister’s just getting over a bug which required a 5-day antibiotic regimen, my mom’s been getting sick, and I’ve been suspecting I’ve been coming down with something myself….. well tonight confirmed it.  Scratchy throat has started.  It’s not red or splotchy yet, but if I’m not careful that’s the next step.  Last year, I was sick almost the entire holiday with bronchitis, and although I’m thankful I didn’t get bronchitis since then (for as long as I can remember I’ve gotten it between 2-4 times every year), this would be a rotten time to end that streak of healthiness.  The heavy chest has me worried too, as that often is a sign it’s there, or beginning.  Vitamins and Chloroseptic will be my best friends for the next few days.  Even if I do get sick, it’s still a lot better being sick in Florida than in the cold here.  How’s that for positive thinking, eh?    😉

  Well just in case I’m not able to post before then, I’d like to wish a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to you and yours.  Let the stress be minimal, the company enjoyable, and the food delectable!

All the best,
Laura    🙂


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